Loans for Ministry of Defense employees.

In this article we will see how employees of the Ministry of Defense can access loans. All the employees of the Armed Forces, all the soldiers who are employed by the Italian Army and finally the civilian staff who work at the Ministry of Defense , can easily request and obtain personal financing specifically designed for the Armed Forces.

This form of financing created for the employees of the Ministry of Defense is bestowed both by some banks and financial institutions scattered throughout the Italian territory which have agreements with the Ministry, but also by Social Ins. (formerly Government Agency).

You can receive this personal loan dedicated to the employees of the Ministry of Defense, by going directly to your administration and requesting the list containing all the agreements that the Ministry has signed with the various banks and financial companies.

The loan for employees of the Ministry of Defense of Social Ins.

The loan for employees of the Ministry of Defense of INPS

The personal loan for the Employees of the Ministry of Defense, having been created thanks to the signing of an agreement, ensures that all employees of the Italian Army can easily have a loan that provides a subsidized rate dedicated to them. After this small initial premise, let’s see what are the real characteristics of this service and the opportunities to benefit from ministry employees and pensioners from various sectors of this job category.

The national institute Social Ins. ex-Government Agency has decided to offer loans through two main methods, that is, using its famous Credit Fund, to which only public and state employees or pensioners who are registered in the “Management” have the opportunity to access Autonomous Unit of Credit and Social Services “or through agreements that have been previously stipulated with banking institutions and financial groups.

The employees of all the Armed Forces, the Carabinieri, the police, the military and those belonging to the national body of the Fire Brigade, have the possibility to apply for three different types of personal funding dedicated to them, or a small loan, a direct multi-year loan and finally a secured multi-year loan.

The small loan, the multi-year loan and the multi-year guaranteed loan: their main characteristics

The small loan, the multi-year loan and the multi-year guaranteed loan: their main characteristics

The small loan dedicated to this category of employees of the Ministry of Defense is paid directly by the Social Ins. section of public employee management. This loan can be accessed by both employees who are still on duty and retired persons who are once employees of the armed forces and law enforcement officers who are regularly enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social benefits.

The request form by those who are still in service at the Ministry must be brought to the relevant Administration, personnel office, while retired persons can submit the application exclusively via the internet.

This small loan takes place through assignment of the fifth, lasts from a minimum of one to a maximum of four years, the repayment is deducted from the paycheck or pension and the interest rate is equal to 4.25%.

As regards the multi-year loan, the duration is equal to a maximum of 5 years with 60 monthly installments or 10 years with 120 total installments, its amount must not exceed twenty percent of the net salary or pension and its rate of annual interest is equal to 3.5%.

Finally, let’s talk about secured multi-year loans , also in this case the method used is that of the assignment of the fifth, it can last from 5 to 10 years depending on the customer’s choice and it is a loan agreed by the banks, therefore both the TAN and the APR depend from the bank in question.