Institute loans for private workers.

The loans for workers that are disbursed by the Social institute institute are given to various categories, from employees of various kinds, to private workers and pensioners. These are loans that are disbursed with very advantageous conditions and often better than those applied by normal banking institutions, moreover these loans must be repaid by the beneficiary directly to Social institute itself.

How Social institute loans work in general

How Social institute loans work in general

The loans that are disbursed by Social institute are often and willingly sold with extremely subsidized rates and are mainly divided into two categories, namely the category of small loans or that of long-term loans. Let’s see how these two categories of financing differ.

Let’s talk first about the small loan transferred by Social institute which allows applicants to be able to obtain a loan of a sum that must subsequently be repaid to the institution in a fairly short period of time, that is, from one to eight months, while for loans multi-year direct payments the total sum of the loan which will surely be higher varies according to the income that the applicant receives monthly and the repayment duration will certainly be longer.

Multi-year loans can in fact have a constant duration that can be five or ten years and the monthly installments to be repaid, as in the assignment of the fifth, must not go beyond one fifth of the net salary that is received by the person requesting the loan or from your bank statement. You can apply for a multi-year loan only if you are on the list of cases accepted by Social institute.

These are therefore loans dedicated to pensioners, to civil servants, state employees but also to private workers. In this article we will therefore focus on how Social institute loans dedicated exclusively to the latter category work, or private workers, we will see the conditions applied to them, how to apply, the method of disbursement and reimbursement.

Social institute loan dedicated to private workers: the main features

Social institute loan dedicated to private workers: the main features

So let’s see what to do to apply for and obtain this type of loan for private workers. First of all, let’s start with the premise that all private workers have the possibility to apply for this loan and that too many documents are not required to apply for it, in fact, only a valid identity document is needed such as an identity card, a driving license. or the passport and a copy of the last paycheck received or the last annual CUD.

On the other hand, however, all citizens who are defined as non-EU citizens but who intend to apply for this funding must also bring the necessary documentation to the Social institute office regarding the possession of a regular residence permit in addition to the classic documentation required for all.

As regards the loans granted by Social institute to private employees, the reimbursement of the overall sum which also takes place in quite long times, is expected through the use of the classic assignment of the fifth of the paycheck, or through simple deductions that are made monthly and that do not exceed 20% of the total net salary of those who request it.

Social institute loans for private workers took hold just in the year 2005, and make it possible to conclude the amortization in a simple and direct way thanks to the monthly deductions. In addition, on the official Social institute website there is the possibility of accessing an area created specifically to calculate a possible amount of installments based on the sum requested, a sort of estimate.

One of the main characteristics that make this Social institute loan for private workers very popular is certainly the fact that these are non-finalized loans, that is, you must not provide the institution with any reason for which you are applying for the loan.