Bank loans for civil servants.

Moving around in the world of online and offline loans can seem complex.

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There are many types of loans to access, and many solutions for the most different needs. In order to obtain a quick and ideal personal loan for your needs, it is good to make a comparison (perhaps using the excellent comparison and quote services directly online) between the offers of the financial and banks.

Among the best loans for civil servants we can include the Good Lender 2018, an excellent loan designed for public and private employees. This is a loan to achieve your wishes with the utmost serenity, and is reserved for:

  • public and state employees
  • military
  • police

The Sale of the Fifth Good Lender 2018 guarantees maximum transparency and security, fixed rates and installments for the entire duration of the repayment plan for maximum guarantee and security, and is also compatible with other loans. As is well known, the assignment of the fifth consists of a personal loan by means of which the repayment of the installment takes place directly with the deduction on the salary. In this way you get rid of the thought of having to return the money, as it is possible to make the refund directly after deduction from the salary that is directly passed from the lender to the bank.

Comfortable, practical, safe and fast, it is generally granted also to subjects with a bad credit history. The disbursement is rapid on Good Lender current account and beyond.

The Transfer of the Fifth Good Lender is a loan for civil servants that allows you to obtain various sums of money repayable with a maximum of one fifth of the monthly net salary: it is safe, given that it is guaranteed by law and with insurance coverage that allows you to face the financing with the maximum serenity.

The maximum amount

The maximum amount

The amount that can be financed with the Sale of the Fifth Good Lender 2018 is a maximum of 104 thousand USD as a total amount: the monthly payment is a minimum of 50 USD and in any case does not exceed one fifth of the net salary.

For the Transfer of the Fifth Good Lender, the total or partial repayment of the loan anticipated in these terms is allowed:

  • 1% of the residual capital, 0.5% if at the end of the loan it is 1 year.
  • No commission is paid if the residual debt is equal to or less than $ 10,000.

The Transfer of the Fifth Good Lender is disbursed to a Good Lender bank account or other banking institution. The necessary documentation consists of :

  • valid identity document
  • fiscal Code
  • salary certificate
  • last 2 payslips
  • INPS contribution extract